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Good stability, high photosynthetic capacity

Chip- Use the chip from brand chip manufacturers, more than 3000V of antistatic ability of the human body, good stability, high luminous efficiency, high color rendering index, and small attenuation.

Our work clothes and shoes are professionally customized and anti-static. In the process of production, any small detail needs to be considered

good conductivity,High temperature resistant

Wire – Use imported 9999 gold wire with good conductivity, good stability, welding firm, high temperature resistance, and strong reflecting ability

With integrity, pioneering and innovative, mutually beneficial win-win and common development "operating principles

Good thermal conductivity,Solder joint is firm

Stent—Use copper stent with silver plating layer thickness of 40 step, good thermal conductivity, and gold solder firm, weld quality problem does not appear dead lights

We will design more products to meet the broader market demand and create a bright LED world together.

Adopt high - folding silicone resin,Good air-tightness

Packaging glue - the use of high-discount silicone rubber, good air tightness, and the bracket bonding firmly, not moisture, and not vulcanized black, high temperature, reflow soldering does not appear dead light quality problems

Voltage, power, color temperature, size, color changes and internal and external control can be customized by the customer requirements.

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缅甸维加斯开户18988319439[微信同步]公告:【开户送彩金,推荐送豪礼】缅甸维加斯国际迎新年,充值大优惠,维加斯官网【vjs168.com】Dongguan Jinlong Electronics Co., Ltd., found in 2000, is a photoelectric enterprise with many years of experience in multinational operation. Jinlong Electronics offers a whole set of services from the photoelectric component development, photoelectric technology to photoelectric financing package of services. The company has complete specific...


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